Hello world!

Well here we are! After almost two years of hemming & hawing I’ve decided to bite the bullet and have my own little piece of real-estate on the World Wide Web. Like me, I envision this space to be a bit of a mixed-bag of art, tech, fashion, interesting goings-on, and personal anecdotes.

I chose the title “Wandering Aesthetic” because I’m a flâneuse at heart. I love learning about anything that crosses my path, particularly when it comes to people and the way they choose to express themselves. For those of you that follow my Twitter feed, you also know that I love to share what I discover. Consider the flood gates opened!

In an obscure and convoluted way, “Wandering Aesthetic” is also a bit of a word play on the buddhist term wandering ascetic but I groan in writing “Appreciating art and communications is my path to Nirvana,” even if it’s true.

Ohhh, see? Right now. *Groooan*

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not quite sure yet how this blog will evolve, but I’m really grateful you’ve taken the time to pop in and see what it’s all about. I look forward to sharing with you my little joys and discoveries.

Much love,