Sleepless in Seattle Toronto hence a Blog Post

So it’s been a little while since my last post….(Eeek!) Summer always seems to have that ethereal quality where it slips right through your fingers just as you become consciously aware it’s there in the first place. Next thing you know, you’re singing November Rain without the slightest bit of irony and wondering what the heck happened to the last few months. Luckily for me, quite a bit. My adventures took me to Switzerland, Italy, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, and, more locally, to grand evenings at Toronto LG Fashion Week, TIFF, HotDocs (technically in spring, but whatever), a few art/club openings, and the Toronto International Art Fair. Some back-blogging may be in order, but if I’m lucky there will be plenty more adventures to come and to blog about. *Crosses fingers*

One thing I definitely learned this summer is if you miss your chance to do something once, sometimes fate will let you do it again. Case in point: Scotch Whiskey or Why I Hate Bees But Today, a Little Less or Thanks to Matchstick The Macallan is the Sweetest Revenge. Subsequent blog post to come in the next 24, I promise.

In case you are curious, here’s a series of randomly selected BlackBerry photos from Summer ’09: Click Me! I lost my real camera on top of a mountain in Switzerland so please excuse the pixelation…


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