Paris on my mind

Eiffel Tower and Carousel
Photo by Sean X Liu,  CC BY 2.0

I’ve had Paris on my mind. Two serendipitous but separate events have sparked a sudden Parisian joie de vivre.

It started last week with a midday Facebook drive-by. My favourite discount travel blog sounded the alarm: $286 non-stop round trips from Toronto to Paris. An obvious pricing error.

Paris is always a good idea.

– Audrey Hepburn

Suffice it to say, this news short-circuited my wiring. Palms were sweaty. Emergency texts were sent. In true ride-or-die fashion (a title reserved for only my closest friends), it took  just 12 minutes to book a springtime rendez-vous in the city of lights with one of my best friends, Meghan. Not five minutes after that, the pricing error was corrected. Thank you social media!

The Facebook community later confirmed that Air Canada, in their infinite wisdom and generosity, decided to honour the rock-bottom price.  YES!

Tweet: I don't often do irresponsible things, but when I do I make sure it involves Paris
Processing the gravity of quickly-made decisions

While I have a bit of saving to do, I am thrilled to say my next Parisian adventure is officially in the books for April 3-11. Watch out!

Paris on the Street of the Toronto

A week before I ever thought I’d need my passport, I had just wrapped up a French mini-adventure a bit closer to home. How, you ask? A happenstance trip to Toronto’s premier purveyor of Parisian fashions, Canon-Blanc.

Located just west of the intersection of Bathurst and Queen, I’d passed this place many times before – it’s been around since 2012 – but foolishly never stepped in. This effortlessly chic boutique stocks  pieces that radiate the core principles of French fashion: simple elegance, quality craftsmanship  and an inimitable attention to detail. Unfortunately, my current budget ($0) does not allow for the purchase of investment pieces but luckily they do carry a bit of something for everyone in the form of Macon et Lesquoy pins, patches and accessories.

Macon et Lesquoy pins, patches and accessories
Yearning to collect them all

Macon et Lesquoy are a French female design duo who seemingly live by the Unix Philosophy of do one thing and do it well. They took the exceptionally elegant -if staid – art of military embroidery and enhanced it with their own colourful pop-art designs.  Their charming bijoux bordés range the gamut of cheeky to cheerful and never fail to please. Shop co-owner Matéo Masquelier informed me that the feel-good factor doesn’t end there.  The ladies of Macon et Lesquoy also make sure their goods are ethically made (one of the operating principles of Canon-Blanc) and work with a women’s collective in Pakistan to produce these alluring art objects in a Fair Trade environment.

Needless to say, I was sold. I welcomed a new pin into my life: a regal tiger in gold.

Silver Tiger Pin, Macon et Lesquoy
Photo via Macon et Lesquoy’s Blog

Incidentally, this pin was born from a collaboration with dream Parisian stationary store, Papier Tigre. Clearly, my mind was already Paris on Paris on Paris. Should you be feeling the same, I suggest you take a trip to one of Canon Blanc’s two locations or browse from the comfort of your own living room at

Going to Paris soon or know of I place I just shouldn’t miss? Please share your wisdom in the comments below. À bientôt!


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